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Wine cellar "ODA"

The house built in 1933 by Parten Gagua and Olga Gegia is one of the oldest ode rooms in Martvili. Grandson - Zaza Gagua moved from Tbilisi to his great grandparents ode in 2016 with his wife and two daughters.

Then he was building all the hazelnut orchards in Samegrelo and people were very skeptical about the idea of ​​planting vineyards. It was at this time that Zaza and Keto replaced the hazelnut orchards on the homestead plot with vineyards, planted new pitchers in open and closed cellars, and began crushing the organic ojalesh grown by several households in these pitchers. Zaza's wife Keto headed the small family winery.

"Oda" wines soon gained popularity in local and international media and introduced Megrelian Ojale to the countries of the great wine culture. The cellar is growing on a small scale every year and today 5000 bottles of wine are presented on 4 continents, in 7 countries (USA, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Israel, Japan, Australia).

"Oda" was the first in Samegrelo to launch wine tourism and gave impetus to the development of new small wineries in the region. Today, Marani is the main destination of language and gastrotourism in Samegrelo.

The family pursues sustainable and organic farming. Great attention is paid to saving resources, proper soil care, ecosystem and biodiversity protection. In 2016-2018, with the help of Jighaura farm, endemic varieties of old Megrelian and Abkhazian vines - Chvitiluri, Kolo, Dudgushi, Lakvazhi, Ashugazi - were planted in a small collection vineyard on the Oda homestead plot.
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