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Coronavirus: Safest Destinations    to visit in Europe

Since the beginning of this health crisis we have been giving you regular information about the situation with the publication of updated maps in real time of the situation linked to coronavirus "Covid-19" in the world (WHO).


The situation has constantly changed: first we communicated with you about the destinations to avoid, then, at the peak of the crisis and following the WHO recommendations,we advised you to stay at home.


Many European countries are opening their borders and flights and hotels are also reopening now. After weeks of confinement you want to travel to Europe but do not know where to travel and what safety measures are being taken in countries and regions.


Samegrelo is a coastal region located in western Georgia. In ancient times, Samegrelo was part of the Colchis Kingdom and one of the first proto-Kartvelian kingdoms formed in the south of Caucasian mountains. It is rich in cultural traditions and archeological artifacts, as well as untouched natural beauty. The Black Sea has a major influence on the subtropical climate of the region and creates an environment for flora and fauna that you will not encounter in Georgia’s eastern regions.


Top 10 Miracles of Georgian Nature

Nature of Georgia – the Country of Fairy Tale Landscapes and Balneotherapy Resorts. The nature of Georgia offers an incredible variety of landscapes, flora and fauna.


Discover Wines of Western Georgia

If you have ever had a conversation about a Georgian wine with a local, you might have heard that we are the birthplace of wine, making the beverage for at least 8,000 years. But this was not proven until almost a year ago, when scientist found a chemical substance on a clay jar during the archeological excavations at Gadachrili Gora and Shulaveris Gora, 50 km away from Tbilisi. This even leads to breaking the Guinness World Record as being the oldest wine-making country on Earth.

Best Meals to Try in Samegrelo Region

Just like the landscape of Georgia, its cuisine is diverse with each region having its own distinct culinary traditions. Samegrelo region is characterized by its distinguished spicy and hot meals, so whenever you visit Zugdidi, make sure to try some of those 9 meals of Megrelian cuisine:

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